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Numerous is a platform for publishing analytical tools as web applications in a secure, scalable and collaborative way. Read more about the Numerous product on our front page (opens in a new tab).

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We recommend that all new users go through the Getting Started guide to get a quick overview of what you can do on the Numerous platform: Getting Started with Numerous.

Read about the Architecture on Numerous

What are the concepts you will encounter? Numerous architecture

Give Numerous access to your projects (repositories) on GitLab

Your GitLab projects can become repositories accessible on Numerous: Repositories

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Setup Tools, Jobs and Components

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This is the way we structure Scenarios: Workspaces, Projects, and Groups

Understand Scenarios and learn about Running Jobs

Scenarios, Running Jobs

Learn about working locally

Did you know that you can run your Python job on your own machine with the power of the Numerous platform? Work locally with your code

Learn about working with docker images

Your Python code runs in containers. Read about setting up Dockerfiles here: Working with Docker images

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